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Smart Start Child Care in Bowling Green is so much more than your average daycare facility. Here at Smart Start, we offer so much more than traditional early childhood education. At our local child care facilities, your children will play, learn, and grow every time they step through the door. Our age-appropriate classrooms are designed to help keep your children active, engaged, comfortable, and safe. When your children are here, they’re encouraged to play and explore in our state-of-the-art facilities, all the while they’re learning things like social skills and emotional connections. The curriculum at Smart Start is designed to help your children learn without them even realizing that they are. Your children will learn problem-solving, math, reading, writing and more when they’re here at Smart Start.

Our team of friendly and dedicated child care professionals all share a passion for helping children reach their potential. Each one has a background in child care and are passionate about helping your children learn and grow each and every day. The staff here at Smart Start is second to none and will do everything they can to make sure your child is safe, happy, and engaged the entire time they’re with us. On top of this, Smart Start has a top-notch security system, which will help put your mind at ease.

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Our Day Care Facilities Create an Ideal Environment for Learning

Though often overlooked, one of the most important things to facilitate learning is a well-planned environment that’s conducive to helping further education. That’s why the experts at Smart Start have created stimulating classrooms for children of every age, all of which are designed to promote curiosity, fun, and a love for learning. The childcare classrooms here at Smart Start in Bowling Green provide a fun, warm, and secure environment for children to learn and develop as they explore their surroundings. Paired with the Smart Start childcare curriculum, kids of every age will have fun and learn while they’re here with us.

Classroom Layout

At Smart Start, we know that there are specific ways to arrange a room that will innately support and encourage children’s curiosity to explore and play. For example, the rooms designed for our infant care programs have plenty of safe, open floor space in order to promote the development of gross motor skills. The rooms designed for our school-aged children in our elementary after school programs are designed to promote social interaction with other children as well as individual

Let Your Child’s Imagination Run Wild

Helping kids learn is what we do here at Smart Start Child Care in Bowling Green. With carefully planned out curriculum and thoughtfully designed classrooms, children will learn and grow here at Smart Start. However, we also realize that play time is critical for child development, which impacts several different aspects of health, such as physical, mental, and emotional health. Knowing this, we’ve created environments that not only help kids learn, but allow them to be kids as well. Smart Start features a half-court gym with two basketball hoops, age-appropriate bikes and scooters, an outdoor climbing and slide area, and plenty of all around space to play and be themselves.

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