Infant Care

Infant Care

At Smart Start, we believe that learning begins with infancy. Our whole child educational curriculum begins right away at our infant day care center, ensuring a solid foundation of learning, health, community, and much more.  If you have a child six weeks of age or older (or if you’re expecting one soon!), we welcome you take a tour of one of our four locations. You can take a look at the bright, happy environment your child will spend his or her days in, meet our teachers, ask questions, and address any concerns you might have. We take newborn child care to the highest level of excellence, and all our teachers go through extensive training to ensure the health and safety of your precious baby.

We believe that a healthy balance of playing and learning will help your child develop by leaps and bounds. Not only does this help them mature socially and emotionally, but it helps build a foundation for academic success as well. When your child learns through play, they’re developing skills needed for a healthy life, as well as helping them enjoy learning through games and constructive activities.

Our child learning curriculum is designed to help strengthen all areas of development. These include:

  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Physical

Dedicated to your child’s learning and growth, Smart Start Child Care in Bowling Green is here to help get kids motivated and excited about learning. Smart Start’s curriculum emphasizes creative child care classes. These incorporate the idea that children learn by doing active thinking, experimenting, and exploring. This helps children develop positive social interactions, practice problem-solving skills, and learn about the world.

These are just some of the positive traits behind our “Creating Character” program that your child will experience through a Smart Start education.

We utilize the Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S. program, and research has proven that children develop healthy positive foundations at an early age, which leads to positive choices throughout life.

This novel approach to building character (and also emphasizing the importance of literacy) is another building block of our whole child education philosophy.

Creating Character is offered in the preschool and pre-kindergarten programs.

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Are you looking for more child care information? If so, give us a call today! Our child care resource center is always happy to help! If you need child care in the Bowling Green area, we are excited to serve you. Learn more about our curriculum, and ask about our whole child education program. We look forward to hearing from you!

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