2’s and 3’s

2's & 3's

Curriculum for Toddlers

2's & 3's Program Details

Here at Smart Start in Bowling Green, we have several programs, all geared toward helping children learn and grow as they play. Our preschool programs teach basics like colors and numbers, while our programs for older kids help develop cognitive abilities, all while your children are playing and having fun. Smart Start also has infant care, which is completely separate from our other programs. We also have several locations throughout the Bowling Green area, helping you find the perfect daycare program near you. Keep scrolling to see some of our Smart Starters in action at some of our events, or contact Smart Start Child Care to schedule a tour at any one of our Bowling Green locations today.

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Are you looking for more child care information? If so, give us a call today! Our child care resource center is always happy to help! If you need child care in the Bowling Green area, we are excited to serve you. Learn more about our curriculum, and ask about our whole child education program. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Monday-Friday 6:30am-5:30pm

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